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Payment Plan Request Form

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Owners may request a payment plan by filling out the form below. Once submitted, you will be notified of the terms of your payment plan via email to the email address provided below. No payment plan will be considered in effect until it has been approved by your Board of Directors and a payment has been received.

Owners can review full details of their account balance through the community portal by signing into the Resident Login tab at
Property Address:
Payment Plan Fee: $25.00 (*This is a one-time processing fee for monthly monitoring of account(s) and payments).
This agreement in no way relieves you of your obligation to pay the Association assessments when they become due. Should you become delinquent in payment of future assessments, the terms of this agreement will become null and void. The owner signature below acknowledges agreement with the balance due as stated above. The parties to this agreement expressly stipulate that any late charges, interest, collection costs, attorney's fees, administrative fees or other costs or fees which have accrued on this account and are part of the balance at the time of the signing of the agreement and as stated above are valid, due, and payable by Owner. Should Owner default on the terms of this agreement, Owner hereby acknowledges responsibility for payment of the remainder of the balance due as stated above.

Should you become delinquent in one (1) installment, the terms of this agreement will automatically become null and void, at which time the Association will proceed with further collection efforts. "Delinquent" as used hereinabove means submitting a payment three (3) or more days past the agreed due date. Once a payment plan has been defaulted on, the Association reserves the right to collect ALL assessments, late charges, interest, and other applicable fees from the original delinquency date. Also, you will not be eligible for another plan for 2 years from the date a payment plan is missed or late. Provided that payments are made (timely) per this agreement, the Association will refrain from commencing any other collection efforts or adding additional late charges. Please keep a copy of this agreement letter for your records.

Upon approval, you agree to sign up for automatic drafts (via e-check/ACH or credit card) for all payments with this agreement, and a payment information form must be submitted to our office after the agreement has been executed by all parties (Association and Owner). Other forms of payments under this payment plan agreement will not be accepted.

No payment plan will be considered in effect until it has been approved and a payment has been received. While a payment plan is current, we will not be sending monthly statements or billing late fees, IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO MAKE THE AGREED UPON PAYMENTS.